Feel & Heal

We value your hair more than anyone else, because your hair deserves best

A magic elixir of powerful ingredients and stops the never ending hair fall, renew and re-energies your scalp and hair with the star ingredient natural coconut hair oil.

Why Feel & Heal?

The Feel & Heal Hair Oil blend is carefully formulated with eleven precisely selected Organic & Natural herbs, to strengthen your hair, reduce hair-fall & offer deep nourishment. Experience a total hair restoration & enjoy beautifully strong, healthy hair, full of shine and bounce

Suitable for all hair types; with the continuous use of Feel & Heal Hair Oil , both men and women can get permanent relief from premature graying, dandruff, migraine, hair loss, split ends, Hair breakage, sneezing, chronic colds, discoloration of the face and skin, pus in the eyes, memory loss in children, inattention and insomnia

Feel & Heal hair oil is also rich in antifungal and anti-dandruff properties to assure overall health and beauty for the hair

Feel & Heal hair oil has 100% Natural Fragrance and Color, has the Highest Concentration of Herbs, has no Side effects

Ofcourse, 100% Ayurvedic Hair Oil


Feel & Heal Ayurvedic Hair Oil is a 100% safe and healthy Ayurvedic medicine that provides natural growth of hair by resolving the problems of premature graying, hair loss and dandruff.

>Helps in preventing hair loss and makes hair thicker, stronger and lustrous

>Stimulates hair follicles

>Prevents premature greying and dandruff

>Improves blood circulation and promotes the production of new healthy hair all over again

>Best organic hair oil for hair growth .


Feel & Heal hair oil, the quintessential Indian ayurvedic formulation is made with many powerful ingredients to treat all your hair troubles! Made with the goodness of native herbs and botanical infusions, this nutrient-rich oil helps control hair-fall and premature greying. This wonderful elixir helps to strengthen the hair roots, prevents split ends, strengthens the hair roots, deeply conditions the hair, stimulates hair growth, and just leaves you with gorgeous silky hair! Go on, try it, and say goodbye to damaged hair

Eclipta Alba 7%

Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis 7%

TinosporaCordifolia 7%

IndigoferaTinctoria 7%

EmblicaOfficinalis 6%

WrightiaTinctoria 6%

VetiveriaZizanioides 3%

GlycyrrhizaGlabra 3%

BacopaMonnieri 3%

CocosNucifera 50%

CinnamomumCamphora 1%

(each 100 ml of Feel & Heal oil contains)